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Fuelled by the growing body of scientific evidence and satisfied consumers, Natural Medicines are increasingly becoming first choice health options for treatment and prevention of illness.


Naturopathx is a specialist Australian company entirely dedicated towards responsible global commercialisation of natural products and services


As our name suggests, Naturopathic principles form the basis of our company and we are dedicated to the expansion of prevention and treatment options that respect the individual’s inherent self-healing ability.


We respect and study the wonderful knowledge bank of traditional natural medicines and treatment. At the same time we recognise “natural” and “safe” are not synonymous terms and temper this traditional knowledge against the variables that continue to influence therapeutic outcomes.


As a consequence, Naturopathx core business is focused upon natural source supplements that have been subjected to similar levels of scientific rigour as their synthetic counterparts



Key Services



  • Regulatory & Marketing Strategy consultancy for Natural Medicines related projects

  • Preparation of health claim substantiation packages 

  • Introductions- Expanding the global reach of natural medicine brands​


  • Rational formulation development​


  • Positioning strategies to extend the lifecycle of mature or under-performing natural products / product range


  • Sourcing: researched natural actives, contract-manufacturers, licensing opportunities


  • Concept development (new products, advertising/promotion)



Corporate Purpose

  • To contribute to the health and wellbeing of our global community


  • To directly or indirectly (via healthcare professionals and retailers) assist consumers to be involved in their own health outcomes


  • To provide our clients with the peace of mind that their products and health claims are responsibility represented


  • We believe that fulfilling these corporate obligations will also:


- contribute towards wider community benefits,


- enhance satisfaction for our employees


- build stakeholder wealth.

  • Optimal health relies on the individual’s inherent self-healing process


  • Treat the cause not the symptoms


  • Profit, but profit from a service which respects our global environment and benefits humanity


  • Respect for nature’s essential healing capabilities


  • Above all do no harm


Core Values

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